Grid-scale Energy Storage Systems

As green energy power generation is becoming more and more popular, it is vulnerable to the influence of weather and the surrounding environment, causing temporal and intermittent power supply instability. In this case, the energy storage system plays an important role in stabilizing the power grid. The energy storage system can regulate power, improve power quality, and increase power reserve capacity to accomplish tasks like PV power smoothing, provide stable power output, peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, emergency backup power, and frequency regulation services to maintain power supply and load balance.

Energy Storage Systems Enhance Grid Stability and Optimize Power Generation Efficiency

Our backup energy storage systems provide one-stop services from hardware and software design, construction, supervision, and subsequent system maintenance. Through a redundant system architecture and supplementation of data, we can improve the stability and safety of system operation and meet the speed of system operation as required by Taipower, and we are able to predict generation and load to optimize system scheduling and control.

Energy Storage Systems Enhance Grid Stability and Optimize Power Generation Efficiency

System Features

Mainframe and network redundancy design

Responds quickly and meets the changes in Taipower operation specifications

Distributed control architecture is employed and supplemented with data redundancy

Power generation and load forecasting enable optimal scheduling and control

System Features

Webpage Functions

Real-time operational information of the equipment

Equipment alarms and notifications

Historical data retrieval and analysis

Automated reporting system

Single-line diagram

Webpage Functions

System Functions

Frequency Regulation Ancillary Service (AFC)

Voltage Support Ancillary Service

PV Smoothing and Power Stabilization

Emergency Backup Power

Peak Shaving and Load Management

System Functions


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